Customer Management


  • Add and manage customers
  • Record any data necessary for your business
  • Separate customer and employee account features
  • Fully customizable to fit any needs

With our custom built Customer Management System (CMS), we allow you to have the ability to track and gather anything you want from your customers. With the ability to integrate Customer Information, Purchase History, or any other type of data you want tracks, you have the ability to quickly retrieve anything in relation to your clientele.

Any successful business keeps track of their customers, to ensure the best service possible. It allows for quick gathering, as well as retrieval of information in relation to them. We custom build the system to record any information that is required for your business to know. None of our clients have the exact same setup, because we know no two businesses are identical.

If you have any questions of what the capabilities of our custom CMS systems can provide for you, do not hesitate to Conact Us Today!



  • All features of the Customer Management System
  • Create and manage invoices and sales orders for customers
  • Gather any data necessary for reports and accounting needs
  • Discount when purchased with Inventory Management package (contact for more details)

Incorporating all the features of the Content Management System (CMS), The Invoicing Systems allows you to track any Transactions between yourself and your customers. This allows you to quickly access any sales information related to all of your customers. Track order statuses, payments, and anything else related to purchases.

Features include creating and managing the transactions between your business and customers, as well as communicate any transaction milestones or actions required. Easy interface design allows for seamless gathering of information. Reports can be created to accurately meet any requirements for financial or accounting needs. Customer also has the ability to view and contact about any transactions associated to them.

With the addition of the Inventory Management System (IMS), you can track relations between sales and items. As all of our systems, this is completely customizable to meet any needs your business requires.

If you have any questions of what the capabilities of our custom CMS systems can provide for you, do not hesitate to Conact Us Today!

Inventory Management


  • All features of the Customer Management System
  • Manage inventory and service items
  • Custom built to include data required to track your business' goods
  • Create reports for both inventory management and financial necessities
  • Discount when purchase with Invoicing package (contact for more details)

Our Inventory Management System (IMS) allows your take full control over all your business' inventory and service needs. With the ability to create, manage, and track all Inventory items and in-stock numbers, we give you the capabilities to fully track your most important assets. Easily comb through large amounts of data with our custom built system tailored to your preferences.

You can manage all inventory items, including pricing, description, images, and any other information you require. Create reports on both inventory management, as well any needed for financial and accounting reasons. As well, allow customers to view their most purchases items if Invoicing package bundled.

To fully experience what our systems can do, pairing the IMS with the Invoicing System can make running your business a breeze. With the ability to easily retrieve any data correlated to sales and items, you can be sure to properly track all aspects of your business.

If you have any questions on how the IMS, or any other system can help you, just Contact us today!

Point of Sale


  • All features of Invoicing, Inventory, and Customer System included
  • Allows real time purchasing in-store with maximum time
  • Email receipts available for environmental benefits
  • Fully customizable for what you need

Our Point of Sale (POS) system is the ultimate tool for any business with a storefront or physical customer interaction. Our POS system can be tailored to meet any businesses in-store needs. Whether you want to get customers checked as quickly as possible, or create an experience to gather additional customer information, such as surveys or contact info, we can create exactly what you are looking for. Developers can easily integrate any Payment Processor that provides online services.

With all the features of our Invoicing, Inventory, and Customer systems, you can guarantee customer service. Allowing you to track all business and customer data allows for a seamless experience for both yourself and your clientele. Easily manage and track any in-store purchases with our custom built reports and searches.

Our POS systems are the ultimate package for any business requiring one, and we understand the importance of this. We will do everything in our power to make sure your systems run properly without problem. Whether you deal in large or small volumes, our systems can be reliable for you to trust.

Contact us today to find out how we can make a POS system that fits all of your needs and wants.

Ecommerce Web Store


  • Allow customers to purchase items online
  • Configure your store to work with shipping and payment companies
  • Custom web store design and features
  • Fully integrates all features of the Point of Sale system online

These days, having an online commerce presence is almost a necessity. With the right design and customer interaction, we can create the online environment that your business wants to present. Allowing customers the ability to buy and track sales online, our systems can be customized to fit any accommodations you want to have.

Integrating all of the features of a Point of Sales (POS) system to an online environment, we can meet any needs your business and customers need. We can design powerful integrations for your business if required. Anything needed to allow a faster and better experience for everyone involved.

Customers will be able to manage all online orders and information in a convenient Customer Centre. Allowing for quick gathering of information ensures that customers have the best experience possible.

We can create reports to find out best selling items and any online trends you wish to track. We take what you want to see and make it accessible to you and your employees.

To find out more about the benefits of what an ecommerce site can do for you, Contact us today!

Brochure Website


  • Allow your customers to find you online
  • Advertise online any events or promotions
  • Collect customer information for marketing and research
  • Create an online presence integrated into Instagram, Facebook, and other social media

Nowadays, it's almost impossible NOT to find a company without a website. We can create an online experience for your customers to find out information about your business. This can include contact information, locations, sales, and any other vital information necessary. Much more basic than an ecommerce experience, this one is created to allow customers to get to know what you and your company does.

We can create the ability to capture key information from customers, such as contact and preferences. This can be done with things such as surveys, or even the ability for customers to sign up and provide contact information for further direct advertising.

We will also help you build a social media platform to go with your website. Businesses can find much success advertising on sites and apps like Instagram and Facebook. Advertise new and upcoming products or services, and directly connect with those who may be interested. It is important this day and age to be able to reach all chains of communication. We can tailor your needs to meet these requirements.

You can get into Contact with us to find out how we may be able to create an online footprint for your company to use.

Web/App Development


  • Ability to make your designs into reality
  • Most languages can be accommodated for
  • Application design
  • Multiple platforms, inlcuding Android and iOS

A lot of people know what they want for their business' or personal website, but they do not have the means to create it. Whether you have a concept, design, or just idea, we can work with you to help bring any of your thoughts to reality. By providing us with the arts or materials you currently have, we can help you create an online presence to better advertise yourself or your business.

You may also have a complex system, or application idea that you are unable to bring to life or online. With our assistance, we will work along side you and your team and provide any services we can, whether it be design, programming, or anything in between. This communication will greatly improve the chances of you getting exactly what you want.

We are profound in the most commonly used program languages, including PHP, JSP, ASP and C#, and others. With a strong knowledge of web designing with the implementation of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, as well as database design, there won't be a task we can't deliver. We will also work with you and explain anything you want if you are unfamiliar with anything we do.

We can also help you create mobile or web apps in order to better reach your customers. With the ability to design for both Android and iOS Operating Systems, we can meet any needs necessary for your business needs.

You can get into contact with us today to find out how we may be of assistance to you and your business.

Web and Advertisement Design


  • Help design any graphic or icon necessities for your site
  • Ability to convert any advertising ideas or needs into graphical representation
  • Assistance with marketing for things such as Google Analytics and other SEOs
  • Turn your concept art into computer generated images

One of the most important elements of a strong website is it's design. The right look and atmosphere can be the difference between you grabbing your audience's attention or not. Whether it be images needs for your site, or advertising and marketing work, we can deliver exactly what you are looking for.

Whether you already have an idea in your head, or are starting from scratch, we will work along side you to bring it to reality. Because we use industry standard tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, or any other tool necessary, we can deliver high quality designs for you to use for your website or any other images. We care about what you want, so we will listen to your needs and deliver to you exactly what you are looking for. Or, if trust our judgement, we will do our best to try to provide the best options.

Advertising is also an area that is required this day in age. A snappy advertisement, whether it be an online ad, or physical item, can grab you the attention needed. We will help you design and market your product with eye-catching graphics and professionalism. The more we can help you grow your business, the more satisfied we are with ours.

Get into contact with us to find out how we can help you design and advertise your business today.

Database Development


  • Design databases for you or your business to capture data
  • Maintain and analyse databases for you or your business
  • Improve or redesign current databases

Once you have a customer, you want to make sure you can keep track of them and their purchases. With the implementation of databases for you or your business, we can help you gather and store any information that may be associated with them. Whether you want to track personal or surveyed information, or store their purchase history, databases can allow you to quickly and efficiently retrieve and record anything.

Inventory management is also an important part of running a successful business. Whether you already have inventory, or have not yet acquired it, we can help properly manage and record it. We will categorize and input all of your inventory, and help set up a system that makes looking up and retrieving any item information a breeze.

We also work closely with you to help you learn and master any systems you want us create. By providing a user friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI), you will easily be able to retrieve any information without worrying about database programming. We will also maintain and analyse your databases to make sure they are up to date and perform to the best of their abilities. Whether you have a little or a lot of data needing stored, we can provide you the best services and experiences.

Reach out to us today by contacting us about any questions you may have.



  • Host your website, domain, or email
  • Flexible plans to meet any requirements
  • Domain registration and maintenance available
  • Ability to apply SSL and other security measures

If you plan on creating a website or online presence, you need a way for your audience to get to it. In order to do that, you need to purchase a domain name (, as well as a place to host and park it. If you do not understand how to do this, it can make getting yourself online very difficult. We can not only help you set up, but also maintain and provide administrative services for you.

Whether you want us to provide the services of purchasing you a domain, or if you already have one, we can set up your domain on our servers to host and park it. With that, you will then be able to upload your website for the world to view. We will again do all the work for you if required. We want to make sure we can get you online as quickly as possible with as little trouble as possible.

Our services include domain, website, and email hosting. We create a plan that best fits for you, which includes how much storage space, sub-domains, or any other feature is required. We charge an annual fee for both your hosting and any other types of registration, such as domain or SSL, so you do not have to worry about monthly payments. We can also provide security to your website if you capture sensitive information with SSL Certificates. These are required these days when you gather any information from customers, or sell items online. We will once again make this process as simple as possible for you by providing any and all assistance.

Contact us directly to find out how we can provide you these services, and help you today.