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Utilizing my skills and knowledge to help assist a company to it's full potential. The skills and experience I have gained through my career, both technically and personally, will be able to aid any company looking to grow or sustain.



Honours Diploma in Computer Programming



  • Various marketing courses (2 years at George Brown)
  • iOS Development course
  • Web Design courses



  • 5+ years of NetSuite ERP Application Support
  • 10+ years of Web and Ecommerce Design, both in small and large businesses
  • 8+ years of Web And Ecommerce Development, designing and implementing database structures and systems
  • Experienced in PHP, JavaScript, C#, and other server side and client side languages and frameworks
  • Responsible for managing own projects and working on accounts of all sizes
  • Very strong communication skills and the ability to adapt to people’s emotions
  • Strong analytical skills to help improve processes and create new ideas
  • Works well independently, or within a team
  • Extremely punctual, and doesn’t mind going the extra mile


Primary Skills

  • Web Design (HTML, XHTML, CSS)
  • Web Programming (PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, AJAX, JSP, ASP.Net)
  • Application Programming (Objective-C, Swift, C#, Java)
  • NetSuite Application (Administrative and SuiteScript)

Secondary Skills

  • Web Server (FTP, SMTP, DNS, cPanel, SSh, HTTP)
  • Operating Systems (Windows, Linux, iOS)
  • Design Patterns and Diagrams (Class, UML, State diagrams)

Development Tools

  • Web Design Programs – Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator
  • Application Programs – Sublime, Visual Studio, Eclipse, NetBeans, and others
  • Microsoft Program Proficient (Including Word, Excel, MS Serves, etc.)


Senior Performance Analyst

Oracle Inc. (formerly NetSuite Inc.) (May 2016 - Present)

  • Analysed and monitored customer's application and database performance
  • Handled high priority concerns and issues
  • Created alternate solutions to issues
  • Gained proficient knowledge of NetSuite application
  • Trained and experienced in SuiteCommerce, including SuiteCommerce Advanced and Site Builder, and Mobile
  • Trained in SuiteScripting and other SuiteCloud services
  • Trained new hires through high level and focused aspects of NetSuite's application

Web and App Development, Server and Database Maintenance

Pyramid Designs (January 2014 - Present)

  • Head of Web Development and Application Design and Development
  • Responsible for implementing all designs to HTML and CSS
  • Responsible for creating and maintaining databases, mostly MySQL
  • Responsible for maintaining servers and overseeing all hosted websites and applications
  • Entrusted to make executive decisions on projects without needing approval
  • Responsible for aiding customers and clients when problems arise

Webmaster and App Development

Just Hockey Source for Sports (May 2011 - May 2016)

  • Responsible for creating, implementing, and maintaining store’s personal website
  • Used skills in Web Design and Development to create websites, apps, and desktop applications for company
  • Entrusted with all secure information and responsible for all web and application decisions
  • Held weekly meetings to brief management on statistics, analytics, and customer service through website
  • Also responsible for handling any online sales, contact forms, and emails