Blue Nose Cresting

Date Created: Jan 04, 2020

Services Provided:
  • Created and implemented full customer management system. Ability to track customer information, including contact, shipping, and billing information.
  • Implemented custom ecommerce store for apparel (which includes custom options), as well as specialty items, requiring specific guidelines. Able to fully accommodate customer's needs.
  • Login access for both employees, as well as customers, with the ability to review Sales Orders, make payments, and update contact, billing, and shipping information.
  • Custom invoicing system, which allows for employees to quickly create Estimates for customers, as well as Invoice and bill customers. With the ability to accept Moneris payments, we were able to fully integrate the sales order process for the company, with intervention required.
  • Fully customized web site for both informational and ecommerce necessities. Fully mobile compatible, as well as integrated SEO for better resulting.
  • Assisted in the creation and maintenance of their social media presence, to help marketing and attention.
  • Website, email, and domain hosting and maintenance.